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Live At Montreux 1991 DVD
Live At Montreux 1991
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Dyskografia - Greg Phillinganes

Adams, Yolanda Christmas with Yolanda Adams 2000
Aguilera, Christina Dirrty 2002
Aguilera, Christina Stripped 2002
Albright, Gerald Smooth 1994
Alessi Brothers Driftin' 1978
Allen, Peter I Could Have Been A Sailor 1979
Arpeggio Let The Music Play 1978
Armatrading, Joan What's Inside 1995
Atlantic Starr Brilliance 1982
Austin, Patti Every Home Should Have One 1981
Austin, Patti Patti Austin 1984
Austin, Patti Real Me 1988
Austin, Patti Love Is Gonna Getcha 1990
Austin, Patti Carry On 1991
Austin, Patti That Secret Place 1994
Austin, Patti On The Way To Love 2001
Austin, Patti Very Best of Patti Austin 2001
Ayers, Roy Evolution: The Polydor Anthology 1994
B., John Cool Relax 1997
Babyface Day 1996
Babyface Christmas with Babyface 1998
Babyface Collection Of His Greatest Hits 2000
Babyface Love Songs 2001
Babyface Love Songs (Japan Bonus Tracks) 2001
Babyface Essential Babyface 2003
Babyface Grown and Sexy 2005
Baker, Anita Compositions 1990
Baker, Anita Best Of Anita Baker 2002
Baker, Anita Sweet Love: The Very Best Of Anita Baker 2002
Baker, Arthur Give In To The Rhythm 1991
Barish, Jesse Mercury Shoes 1980
Bee Gees, The ESP 1987
Belle, Regina Passion 1993
Belle, Regina Baby Come to Me: The Best of Regina Belle 1997
Benson, George Best Of: The Instrumentals 1976
Benson, George Living Inside Your Love 1977
Benson, George In Your Eyes 1978
Benson, George Give Me The Night 1980
Benson, George George Benson Collection 1981
Benson, George While The City Sleeps 1986
Benson, George & Klugh, Earl Collaboration 1987
Benson, George George Benson Anthology 2000
Benson, George Very Best Of: The Greatest Hits of All 2004
Bishop, Stephen Bish 1978
Bishop, Stephen On & On: The Hits of Stephen Bishop 1994
Bolton, Michael Timeless: The Classics 1992
Bolton, Michael Timeless: The Classics, Vol.2 1999
Bolton, Michael Timeless: The Classics/Timeless: The Classics, Vol. 2 2001
Bolton, Michael Collection: Timeless (The Classics)/Timeless (The Classics, Vol. 2) 2005
Botti, Chris When I Fall In Love 2004
Botti, Chris To Love Again 2005
Boyz II Men Evolution 1997
Boyz II Men Evolution (Spanish Tracks) 1997
Boyz II Men Ballad Collection 2000
Braxton, Toni Secrets 1996
Braxton, Toni Secrets (Japan Bonus Tracks) 1998
Braxton, Toni Libra 2005
Bridgewater, Dee Dee Bad For Me 1979
Brooks, Garth In the Life of Chris Gaines 1999
Brothers Johnson, The Light Up The Night 1980
Bryson, Peabo & Flack, Roberta Born To Love 1983
Buckshot LeFonque Buckshot LeFonque 1994
Burch, Vernon When I get back home 1977
Burch, Vernon Love-A-Thon 1978
Butler, Jonathan Story Of Life 1999
Byrd, Donald Thank You...For F.U.M.L. (Funking Up My Life) 1978
Caldwell, Bobby Soul Survivor 1995
Campbell, Tevin T.E.V.I.N. 1991
Carey, Mariah Merry Christmas 1994
Carey, Mariah #1's 1997
Carpenter, Karen Karen Carpenter 1996
Carpenters, The Lovelines 1985
Carpenters, The From The Top 1991
Charisma Out Of Time 1994
Charles, Ray My World 1993
Charles, Ray Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection 1997
Charles, Ray Ultimate Hits Collection 1999
Chocolate Jam & Co, The Spread Of The Future 1979
Christopher, Charles Think About It 1992
Clapton, Eric Behind The Sun 1985
Clapton, Eric August 1986
Clapton, Eric Eric Clapton & Friends (Video/DVD) 1986
Clapton, Eric Crossroads 1988
Clapton, Eric Journeyman 1989
Clapton, Eric 24 Nights 1991
Clapton, Eric Rush 1992
Clapton, Eric Pilgrim 1998
Clapton, Eric Pilgrim/Change The World (EP) 1999
Clapton, Eric Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton 1999
Clapton, Eric Best of Eric Clapton (Import Bonus Tracks) 2000
Clapton, Eric Best of Eric Clapton (Japan) 2000
Clapton, Eric Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton (Australia) 2000
Clapton, Eric Unplugged/Clapton Chronicles: The Best of Eric Clapton 2001
Clapton, Eric One More Car, One More Rider [DVD] 2002
Clarke, Stanley Rocks, Pebbles and Sand 1980
Clarke, Stanley Let Me Know You 1982
Cocker, Joe Civilized Man 1984
Cocker, Joe Night Calls 1992
Cocker, Joe Best of Joe Cocker 1993
Cohen, Adam Adam Cohen 1997
Cohen, Leonard Future 1992
Coko Hot Coko 1999
Cole, Natalie Dangerous 1985
Cole, Natalie Everlasting 1987
Collins, Phil Hits 1998
Costello, Elvis & Bacharach, Burt Painted from Memory 1998
Crouch, Andrae Don't Give Up 1981
Crouch, Andrae Gift Of Christmas 1998
Culbertson, Brian It's On Tonight 2005
D'Arby, Terence Trent Terence Trent d'Arby's Symphony or Damn 1993
DaCosta, Paulinho Agora 1976
DaCosta, Paulinho Happy People 1979
Dakota Moon Place To Land 2002
Day, Morris Color Of Success 1985
Dee, Kiki Stay With Me 1979
De Lange, Ilse Clean Up (Bonus DVD) 2003
De Souza, Raul Till Tomorrow Comes 1979
Diamond, Neil Primitive 1984
Diamond, Neil Headed For The Future 1986
Djavan Lilas 1984
Djavan Flor De Lis 1986
Djavan Bird of Paradise 1988
Djavan Nao E Azul Mas E Mar 1996
Douroux, Margaret & the Heritage Mass Cho Already Done 1997
Dozier, Lamont Bittersweet 1979
Eddie, John John Eddie 1986
Edmonds, Kevin 24-7 1999
England Dan & John Ford Coley Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive 1978
Enriquez, Joy Joy Enriquez 2001
Evans, Faith Keep The Faith 1998
Exposé Exposé 1992
Fagan, Donald Nightfly 1982
Fantasia Free Yourself 2004
Ferry, Brian Taxi 1993
Ferguson, Maynard Hollywood 1982
Flack, Roberta Oasis 1988
Flack, Roberta Set The Night To Music 1991
Flack, Roberta Softly With These Songs: The Best of Roberta Flack 1993
Fleck, Bela & The Flecktones Bela Fleck & The Flecktones 1990
Ford, Penny Penny Ford 1993
Foster, David River Of Love 1990
Franklin, Aretha Love All The Hurt Away 1981
Franklin, Aretha So Damn Happy 2003
G., Kenny Moment 1996
G., Kenny Classics in the Key of G 1999
G., Kenny Faith: A Holiday Album 1999
G., Kenny Paradise 2002
G., Kenny At Last...The Duets Album 2002
G., Kenny Wishes: A Holiday Album 2004
G., Kenny Greatest Holiday Classics 2005
Gaitsch, Bruce Lyre in a Windstorm 1999
Gap Band, The Gap Band II 1979
Gardner, Freddy Japanese Sandman 2000
Garfield, David & Friends Tribute To Jeff 1997
Garfield, David Giving Back 2004
Gooding, Cuba Love Dancer 1979
Gospel Music Workshop of America Sounds of the Spirit: Live at GMWA 1996
Griffin, Clive Clive Griffin 1993
Guarini, Justin Justin, Guarini 2003
Hancock, Herbie Possibilities 2005
Harp, Everette What's Going On 1997
Harrison, George/Clapton, Eric & Band Live in Japan 1992
Harrison, George Dark Horse Years 1976-1992 2004
Hawkins, Tramaine To a Higher Place 1994
Hill, Dru We're Not Making Love No More 1997
Hill, Dru Enter The Dru 1998
Hollyday, Jennifer Feel My Soul 1983
Houston, Whitney Whitney Houston 1985
Houston, Whitney My Love Is Your Love 1998
Houston, Whitney Just Whitney (Bonus DVD) 2002
Hughes, Glenn Feel 2000
Iglesias, Julio 1100 Bel Air Place 1984
Ingram, James Greatest Hits: Power of Great Music 1991
Ingram, James It's Your Night 1983
Isley Brothers, The Smooth Sailin' 1987
Isley Brothers, The Tracks Of Life 1991
Jackson, Janet Dream Street 1984
Jackson, Jermaine Jermaine Jackson 1984
Jackson, Michael Off The Wall 1979
Jackson, Michael Thriller 1982
Jackson, Michael Bad 1987
Jackson, Michael Dangerous 1992
Jackson, Michael HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I 1995
Jackson, Michael Blood on the Dance Floor: History in the Mix 1997
Jackson, Michael Bad (Bonus Tracks) 2001
Jackson, Michael Dangerous (Remastered) 2001
Jackson, Michael Greatest Hits: HIStory, Vol. 1 2001
Jackson, Michael Off The Wall (Bonus Tracks) 2001
Jackson, Michael Thriller (Bonus Tracks) 2001
Jackson, Michael Ultimate Collection 2004
Jackson, Michael Essential Michael Jackson 2005
Jackson, Paul Milton Jr. River In The Desert 1993
Jackson, Paul Jr. Never Alone: Duets 1996
Jackson 5, The Very Best Of 2004
Jacksons, The Destiny 1978
Jacksons, The Triumph 1981
Jacksons, The Best Remixes 1998
Jacksons, The Essential Jacksons 2004
Jacksons, The Jacksons Story 2004
Jagger, Mick Primitive Cool 1987
Jarreau, Al High Crime 1984
John, Elton Duets 1993
Jones, Quincy Dude 1980
Jones, Quincy Back On The Block 1989
Jones, Quincy Q's Jook Joint 1994
Jones, Quincy Slow Jams 1996
Jones, Quincy / Sammy Nestico Orchestra Basie and Beyond 2000
Jones, Quincy Reel Quincy Jones 1999
Jones, Quincy 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection 2001
Jones, Quincy Q: The Musical Biography of Quincy Jones 2001
Jones, Quincy Ultimate Collection 2002
Jones, Rickie Lee Magazine 1984
Jones, Rickie Lee Flying Cowboys 1989
Jones, Rickie Lee Evening of My Best Day 2003
Jones, Rickie Lee Dutchess of Coolville: An Anthology 2005
Judd, Winona What the World Needs Now Is Love 2003
Jung, Danny Make A Wish 2000
Keb' Mo' Door 2000
Keb' Mo' Slow Down/TDe Door 2002
Keb' Mo' Peace...Back by Popular Demand 2004
Keb' Mo' Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Keb Mo 2003
Kashif Love Changes 1987
Khan, Chaka What Cha' Gonna Do For Me 1981
Klugh, Earl Ballads 1976
Klugh, Earl Love Songs 1976
Klugh, Earl Magic in your eyes 1976
Klugh, Earl Dream Come True 1979
Klugh, Earl Heart String 1979
Klugh, Earl Crazy For You 1981
Klugh, Earl Soda Fountain Shuffle 1984
Klugh, Earl Journey 1986
Klugh, Earl Life Stories 1986
Klugh, Earl Best Of Earl Klugh, Vol.1 1991
Klugh, Earl Best Of Earl Klugh, Vol.2 1992
Klugh, Earl Move 1993
Klugh, Earl Best Of Earl Klugh 1997
Klugh, Earl Peculiar Situation 1999
Koz, Dave Lucky Man 1993
Knight, Gladys Good Woman 1991
Knight, Gladys At Last 2000
LaBelle, Patti Winner In You 1986
LaBelle, Patti Burnin' 1991
LaBelle, Patti Timeless Journey 2004
LaBounty, Bill Bill LaBounty 1982
Lavender, Julie Julie Lavender 1996
Lawson, Ricky Ricky Lawson and Friends 1999
Lawson, Ricky First Things 1st 2001
Loggins, Kenny Vox Humana 1985
Loggins, Kenny Leap of Faith 1991
Loggins, Kenny Return to Pooh Corner 1994
Loggins, Kenny Unimaginable Life 1997
Loggins, Kenny Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: The Greatest Hits 1997
Loggins, Kenny Essential Kenny Loggins 2002
Lucas, Carrie Simply Carrie 1977
Lucas, Carrie Street Corner Symphony 1978
Lucas, Carrie Portait Of Carrie 1980
Lynn, Cheryl In Love 1980
Lynn, Cheryl Got to Be Real: The Best of Cheryl Lynn 1996
McCrarys, The On The Other Side 1979
Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud 1978
Manchester, Melissa Mathematics 1985
Manchester, Melissa Don't Cry Out Loud [Expanded] 2002
Manhattan Transfer Anthology: Down in Birdland 1992
Manhattan Transfer Bodies And Souls 1983
Manhattan Transfer Tonin' 1995
Marino Unexpected Alliance 2001
Martin, Keith It's Long Overdue 1995
Marx, Richard Rush Street 1991
Marx, Richard Paid Vacation 1993
Marx, Richard Flesh And Bone 1997
Marx, Richard Days In Avalon 2000
Mathis, Johnny & Williams, Deniece That's What Friends Are For 1978
Mathis, Johnny Best Days Of My Life 1979
McCann, Les Listen Up 1995
McDonald, Michael If That's What It Takes 1982
McDonald, Michael Blink Of An Eye 1993
McDonald, Michael Very Best of Michael McDonald 2001
McDonald, Michael Voice of Michael McDonald 2001
McDonald, Michael Ultimate Collection 2005
Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Changing Times 1979
Money, Eddie Life For The Taking 1978
Money, Eddie Eddie Money/Life for the Taking/No Control 1997
Moore, Chanté Love Supreme 1995
Moore, Patsy Regarding the Human Condition 1992
Moore, Patsy Flower Child's Guide to Love & Fashion 1993
Mulligan, Larry Legacy ?
Murphy, Eddie How Could It Be 1985
Najee Songs from the Key of Life 1995
Nelson, Willy Great Divide 2002
Neville, Aaron Devotion (DVD) 2000
Neville, Aaron Gospel Roots 2005
Newman, Randy Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman 1998
New Radicals, The Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too 1998
Newton-John, Olivia Soul Kiss 1985
Nicholas Contemporary Sounds of Nicholas, Vol. 1 1993
Nicholas Inspirational Sounds of Nicholas, Vol. 1 1993
Nicks, Stevie Rock A Little 1985
Nicks, Stevie Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks 1991
Nicks, Stevie Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks 1998
Norful, Smokie Nothing Without Yous 2004
NSYNC No Strings Attached 2000
O'Bryan Best of O'Bryan 1996
Page, Gene Close Encounters 1978
Phillinganes, Greg Significant Gains 1981
Phillinganes, Greg Pulse 1985
Pieces of A Dream Pieces 1997
Pieces of A Dream Sensual Embrace, Vol. 2 2004
Pointer Sisters Special Things 1980
Pointer Sisters Black & White 1981
Pointer Sisters So Excited 1982
Pointer Sisters Break Out 1983
Prime Time Prime Time 1978
Purim, Flora Carry On 1979
Richie, Lionel Lionel Richie 1982
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down 1983
Richie, Lionel Dancing On The Ceiling 1986
Richie, Lionel Louder Than Words 1996
Richie, Lionel Can't Slow Down [Deluxe Edition] 2003
Riperton, Minnie Love Lives Forever 1980
Ritenour, Lee Rit 1981
Ritenour, Lee Rit, Vol. 2 1982
Ritenour, Lee "Rit" 1985
Ritenour, Lee with Miki Howard and Roger Joyride 1991
Ritenour, Lee & Carlton, Larry Larry & Lee 1994
Ritenour, Lee World of Brazil 2005
Robinson, Janice Color Within Me 1999
Romance Dance My Way To Your Heart 1994
Ross, Diana Eaten Alive (Bonus Track) 1985
Ross, Diana Red Hot Rhythm & Blues 1987
Roth, David Lee Diamond Dave 2003
Roussos, Demis Demis Roussos ?
Rowland, Dennis Rhyme, Rhythm & Reason 1994
Rufus Camouflage 1981
Rufus & Chaka Khan Stompin' At The Savoy (Live) 1983
Rush, Jennifer Heart Over Mind 1987
Russell, Brenda Greatest Hits 1992
Russell, Brenda Soul Talkin' 1993
Russell, Brenda Paris Rain 2000
Russell, Brenda Ultimate Collection 2001
Salonga, Lea Lea Salonga 1993
Sambora, Richie Undiscovered Soul 1998
Sands, Evie Suspended Animation 1979
Sayer, Leo Leo Sayer 1978
Sayer, Leo Show Must Go On: Anthology 1996
Sayer, Leo Leo 2002
Scaggs, Boz Dig (Bonus DVD) 2001
Scaggs, Boz Fade Into Light 2005
Schuur, Diane Friends For Schuur 2000
Scott-Heron, Gil Secrets 1978
Sesame Street In Harmony 1980
Shanice Shanice 1999
Siedah Siedah 2003
Simon, Paul Hearts And Bones 1983
Simon, Paul Rhythm Of The Saints 1990
Simon, Paul 1964-1993 1993
Simon, Paul Paul Simon Anthology 1999
Simon, Paul Greatest Hits: Shining Like a National Guitar 2000
Simon, Paul Hearts And Bones (Bonus Tracks) 2004
Simon, Paul Rhythm Of The Saints (Bonus Tracks) 2004
Simon, Paul Studio Recordings 1972-2000 2004
Soundtrack (film) Street Of Fire 1984
Soundtrack (film) Color Purple 1985
Soundtrack (film) Weird Science 1985
Soundtrack (film) Running Scared 1986
Soundtrack (film) Over The Top 1987
Soundtrack (film) Lethal Weapon 2 1989
Soundtrack (film) Working Girl 1989
Soundtrack (film) Waiting to Exhale 1995
Soundtrack (film) Barb Wire 1996
Soundtrack (film) Soul Food 1997
Soundtrack (film) Hav Plenty 1998
Soundtrack (film) Pleasantville 1998
Soundtrack (film) Simon Birch 1998
Soundtrack (film) Anna And The King 1999
Soundtrack (film) Isn't She Great 2000
Soundtrack (film) Dr. Doolittle 2 2001
Soundtrack (film) Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights 2004
Stigers, Curtis Time Was 1995
Streisand, Barbra Back To Broadway 1993
Streisand, Barbra Higher Ground 1997
Studdard, Ruben Flying Without Wings 2003
Studdard, Ruben Soulful 2003
Summer, Bill On Sunshine 1979
Summer, Donna Donna Summer 1982
Summer, Donna Donna Summer Anthology 1993
Summer, Donna Gold 2004
Sunbear Sunbear 1978
Sure!, Al B. Very Best of Al B. Sure 2003
Syreeta One To One 1977
Take 6 Greatest Hits 1999
Tamia Tamia 1998
Tavares Future Bound 1978
Tavares It Only Takes a Minute: A Lifetime with Tavares 1997
Taylor, James October Road 2002
Temptations, The Reunion 1982
TLC FanMail 1999
Toni Libra 2005
Toto Falling In Between 2006
Toto Falling In Between Live 2007
Turrentine, Stanley Do You Have Any Sugar? 1999
Ubiquity, Roy Ayers Vibrations 1976
Usher My Way 1997
Vai, Steve Archives, Vol. 4 2005
Vandross, Luther Luther Vandross 2001
Various Artists USA For Africa: We Are The World 1979
Various Artists Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown! 1987
Various Artists Total Happiness (Music from the Bill Cosby Show) 1987
Various Artists Knebworth: The Album 1990
Various Artists Two Rooms: Celebrating the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 1991
Various Artists GRP 10th Anniversary Collection 1991
Various Artists Handel's Messiah: A Soulful Celebration 1991
Various Artists Songbirds 1991
Various Artists I Got No Kick Against Modern Jazz 1995
Various Artists Motown Year by Year: The Sound of Young America, 1987 1995
Various Artists Disney's Music from the Park 1996
Various Artists Rhythm of the Games: 1996 Olympic Games Album 1996
Various Artists Songs of West Side Story 1996
Various Artists Blue Suede Shoes: A Ballet Set to the Music of Elvis - Original Cast Recording 1997
Various Artists One Step Up/Two Steps Back: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen 1997
Various Artists Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 2 1998
Various Artists Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol. 3 1998
Various Artists Blue Note Salutes Motown 1998
Various Artists Big 12 Inches: Groovin' You 1999
Various Artists Pop Music: The Modern Era 1976-1999 1999
Various Artists R&B: From Doo Wop to Hip Hop 1999
Various Artists Smooth And Straight 2000
Various Artists Roadblock 2001
Various Artists Best Smooth Jazz Ever 2002
Various Artists Church: Songs of Soul and Inspiration 2003
Various Artists Twist of Motown 2003
Various Artists Back to the 80's 2004
Various Artists Blue Note Plays Stevie Wonder 2004
Various Artists Nova Ipanema: A Brazilian Funk Affair 2004
Various Artists Jazzin', Vol.3: Brazilian Funk Affair 2005
Various Artists Hurricane Relief: Come Together Now 2005
Various Artists Jazzin' Vol. 3: Brazilian Funk Affair 2005
Various Artists Soul Divas 2005
Walden, Narada Michael Awakening 1979
Walden, Narada Michael Ecstasy's Dance: The Best of Narada Michael Walden 1996
Warwick, Dionne Reservations For Two 1987
Washington, Keith You Make It Easy 1993
Watts, Ernie Chariots Of Fire 1981
Weisberg, Tim Best of Tim Weisberg: Smile! 1979
Weisberg, Tim Party Of One 1980
Whalum, Kirk Cache 1993
Whalum, Kirk Unconditional (Bonus Track) 2001
Whispers, The Whisper In Your Ear 1979
Whispers, The Imagination 1981
Whitaker, Nita One Voice 2002
White, Maurice Maurice White 1986
White, Michael X Factor 1978
Williams, Deniece Special Love 1989
Williams, Deniece Best of Deniece Williams: Gonna Take a Miracle 1996
Williams, Lenny Choosing You 1977
Williams, Lenny Spark Of Love 1978
Williams, Vanessa Sweetest Days 1995
Wilson, Carney & Wendy Hey Santa! 1993
Wilson, Jim Northern Seascape 1999
Wilson, Nancy Lady With A Song 1990
Wilson, Nancy Greatest Hits 1999
Wilson Phillips Shawods And Light 1992
Winans, The Decisions 1987
Winans, The Back To Back 1990
Winbush, Angela It's The Real Thing 1989
Wonder, Stevie Songs in the Key of Life 1976
Wonder, Stevie Original Musiquarium I 1982
Wonder, Stevie Conversation Peace 1994
Wonder, Stevie At The Close Of The Century 1999
Wonder, Stevie Time to Love 2005

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